Hon. Liakat L. Kablay, MP

    Government Whip    





  Hon. M. G. J. Motsamai, MP

Opposition Whip 

There shall be:-

  1. Whip elected by Members of the party with the majority seats in Parliament, who shall be called the Government Whip.
  2. A Whip elected by Members of the majority opposition party in Parliament, who shall be called the Opposition Whip.
  3. Party Whips elected by Members of each minority opposition party represented in

    The term of office of a Whip shall be the life of Parliament, unless earlier terminated by the person so elected or the Members of parties who elected him or her.

    The functions of the Whips shall include (but not be limited to):

  4. Ensuring the attendance of Members of their party at all sittings of the House, (unless such Members have been excused from attendance) and the maintenance of a quorum for the entire duration of a sitting of the House.
  5. Acquaint themselves with the special aptitudes, potentialities and interests of the Members of their party in order to inter alia.
  6. Suggest names of their party Members for selection to Parliamentary Committees.
  7. Submit to the Speaker names of Members to speak on a designated subject in the interests of quality and/or specialized debate.
  8. Liaison with the Speaker’s office with respect to the arrangement of the business of the House and, to this end, will be Members of the Business Advisory Committee.
  9. Informing their party Members about the arrangement of the business of the House, including procedural motions.
  10. Lobbying Members for optimal use of time in the Assembly.
  11. Proposing, to the Speaker where necessary, the inclusion of their Members on official parliamentary delegations on trips in and outside the country. In this regard, the Speaker’s decision shall be final.