Parliament of Botswana is unicameral. This means that even though Parliament of Botswana comprises of two houses namely the National Assembly and Ntlo Ya Dikgosi. It is only the National Assembly that has the powers to make laws that govern the country while Ntlo Ya Dikgosi is an advisory body. It advises the National Assembly on constitutional, customary and land issues.

Roles and Functions:

  • Legislative role - Parliament debates and passes bills (proposed laws) ...more
  • Oversight role – It acts as a watchdog and checks the activities of Government through Parliamentary Committees by asking and answering questions during Questions Time.
  • Representative role - Speaking on matters of public importance in which Members of Parliament discuss current important issues. Presenting petitions on behalf of citizens, among others.
  • Approval of the National budget – National Assembly has the power to approve or reject the National budget presented before the House by Government through the Minister of Finance and Economic Development.


To be a model of excellence in Democracy and Governance.


The National Assembly of Botswana exists to make laws for the Peace, Order and good Governance of Botswana.


  • Political Neutrality - We will  provide services in an objective and impartial manner.
  • Transparency – We  will act openly, honestly and reliably in all our operations and dealings with customers.
  • Integrity – We will demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behaviour and maintain a professional and objective approach to its work.
  • Service Excellence – We will strive to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Accountability - We will be fully answerable for our actions.